Marvel Offers Secret Wars Creator Jim Shooter $10,000, Expects Film Adaptation

At the recent MEGACON conference in Orlando, former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter may have hinted that Marvel Studios is working on a Secret Wars film.

Shooter told a story about how Marvel phoned him and offered him $10,000 to create a novelization of Secret Wars.

“Marvel phoned me,” Shooter remarked. “He wasn’t an editor, but a property management executive, which was unusual. He requested me to write a Secret Wars novelization.

Shooter said he was then handed a retroactive work-for-hire contract, which he declined. Then came another call, this time from David Bogart, Marvel Entertainment’s Senior Vice President of Operations & Procurement. Shooter says Bogart apologized for the earlier call and offered $10,000 retroactively.

Shooter claims he was handed the contract to obtain the rights to Secret Wars and avoid future legal difficulties. Shooter didn’t think Marvel should pay him retrospectively for the characters, but he took the money and concluded that a movie is coming.

“Are you producing a movie?” Sniper enqui “I can’t tell you that,” Bogart reportedly said. “Well, I guess you just did,” Shooter said.

Secret Wars has long been speculated to be the next big-budget film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The plot sees several Marvel heroes and villains abducted by The Beyonder and forced to battle on a planet named Battleworld.

It’s unknown if the business plans to adapt the classic narrative, but if they do, they should be legal.

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