Twitter Announces Coming Improvements to Direct Messages, Including Multi-DM Sharing and Improved Navigation

Including new ways to share tweets via your private message and better navigational features, Twittern has announced some enhancements in your tweet DMs.

The primary innovation is the ability to distribute a tweet across numerous DM discussions simultaneously to simplify privacy. Now, in up to 20 DM chats you may share the same Tweet at once.

Twitter DM update

So, if you find a wonderful meme that you want to share with multiple friends or chat groups, you’ll be able to do so without having to go through the procedure over and again.

This may be especially useful for businesses wanting to respond to client questions or keep important connections informed about their newest developments. If you’re launching a new product, you may now market it directly to individuals who’ve contacted you in the past via DM, which might be an excellent approach to boost awareness among possibly interested consumers.

It might also be a technique to spam 20 people at once, which could explain why Twitter has a 20-user restriction. In either case, it has the potential to be used for brand communications, making it a useful upgrade.

In addition, Twitter is introducing a new quick scroll button that, when pressed, will jump to the most recent message in a thread, saving you time and effort when scrolling back through the previous conversation.

This, too, may be useful for companies that utilize DMs, since it allows them to look up previous conversations for context and then swiftly return to the most recent answer.

In addition to the double-tap for Like, Twitter is altering the display structure for DMs so that messages are grouped by date, resulting in less timestamp clutter in threads, and it’s introducing a new long-press option to attach an emoji reaction.

Twitter is also working on new reaction capabilities, which may include reaction emojis in ordinary tweets, similar to how they are in direct messages. Although no official confirmation has been given, different app researchers have noticed the new emoji answer choices in testing, and it appears to be close to a live test.

These new DM features aren’t groundbreaking, but they will make it simpler to keep track of your private conversations and share pertinent tweets and planned Spaces with them.

Twitter has been striving to improve its DM choices in accordance with use patterns, in order to encourage greater conversation engagement between users, as a result of the larger move towards private messaging and away from public publishing in many circumstances. Earlier this year, Twitter enabled DM username search, and it’s said that it’s working on the ability to search DMs by message text as well.

These new features give even more refinement, and although they won’t change the way you interact with the app, they may help companies optimize their DM process.

The quick scroll and multi-tweet send options are now available on iOS, and the quick scroll and multi-tweet send options are also available on Android.

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