YouTube Outlines Creator monetization program adds 2 million participants to the YouTube Partner Program

A new milestone of 2 million participants has come to the YouTube Partner Programm, its monetization framework for the creators, and to mark this occasion, the platform published an updated visualization of YPP’s evolving trends which continue to grow in line with the increasing creative focus of the platform.

As YouTube describes:

“We created the first-of-a-kind open monetization scheme YouTube Partner Program (YPP), over 14 years, in which anybody who was qualified can join and start generating money. Creators who are part of YPP may make money and gain life on YouTube video from advertisers to sell goods with 10 distinct monetization options (and we add more). We have compensated creators, artists, and media businesses more than $30 billion over the past three years.”

YouTube also states that its monetization scheme has created new employment and increased economic results.

“Alone in 2019, the creative ecosystem of YouTube supported 345,000 employment, in the United States alone. This also implies that excellent material is available to viewers throughout the world, free of charge, ranging from fastening the garage to music videos, talks about sophisticated science.”

YouTube continues to introduce new monetization features, including new paying sticker kinds, ‘Super Thanks’ and a new payment award, and a $100 million short financing initiative.

And since the creative talent rivalry is becoming worse and every platform now wants to give more money, YouTube needs to develop the tools to stay ahead. And YouTube will have to continue to develop.

Here is a summary of how the monetization offering of the platform has developed over time.

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